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Upcoming West Virginia Herb Society Events

Event Dates

  • Spring Gathering, May 20, 2023
  • Fall Conference, Sept 23, 2023

Spring Gathering Highlights

Seed & Plant Exchange, discussion group.

Informational lectures, local knowledgeable herbalists and plants people.

Joyful gatherings for young and old, sharing the spirit of plants.


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WVHA has two in-person events per year -- a Spring Gathering and Fall Conference. Spring is a smaller gathering with 4-5 classes and Fall is a larger event with a key-note speaker and 6-9 classes. Other events may be held in between and will be announced to current members by email, posted to Facebook and here. Please become a member should you wish to get early announcements of events.

Spring Gathering ~ May 20, 2023

Spring Gathering ~ Gardening for Health

Growing, Using and Sharing Herbs & Native Plants

May 20, 2023 Davis & Elkins College, Madden Center / Timms Lounge, 100 Campus Dr. Elkins, WV
Registration starts at 9:00 am, Conference begins promptly at 10:00 am
Cost: $10 non-members, WVHA Members $5 ($5 discount), CASH ONLY AT DOOR
Registration begins April 1st

Children 12 or under free with paid adult
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Aine Slabaugh of In the Nook Farm, Burnsville, WV
Hydrosol Demonstration

Ms. Slabaugh will be demonstrating the process for creating hydrosol from freshly harvested plants to fragrant floral water utilizing a copper alembic still. Participants will learn about steam distillation and many uses of hydrosol. Samples of hydrosol will be available for smelling, including different varieties of lavender, old fashioned garden roses and herbs.

Jody Carpenter of West Virginia University
Beneficial Pollinators

As we face the challenges of changing climates, it is important to support the beneficial insects which pollinate our gardens. Learn how to support these delicate creatures through structures and plantings.

Lewis Jett, West Virginia University, Agriculture Sciences
Cold Frames and High Tunnels

Learn how to build, use and maintain cold frames and high tunnels with Mr. Jett. These structures allow you to extend your growing season and even grow crops that are more challenged by weather extremes. They also give you a place in the winter to see signs of spring and provide food year-round.

Elaine Ferry of Arcadia Retreat and Herb Farm
Pet’s Health, Herbs and Homeopathy

Ms. Ferry will discuss inexpensive, effective herbal and homeopathic remedies that have no side effects to treat animals, as well as humans. Many doubters of homeopathic remedies think healing is due to a placebo effect, but this is not the case with treating animals. Animals are one of the proofs that homeopathy is not a placebo effect. Homeopathy is an organized system of medicine based on the principal of like cures like. A small amount of a remedy is diluted in water, and the energy of the remedy works to stimulate healing.

Lunch & Plant Exchange, Networking/Sharing session. Focus Topic: Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs facilitated by Joan Beard, M.A. & Sierra Cox of Herbs for WVDA, Veterans & Heroes
Ask questions and share answers in this round-table networking time and plant exchange
Consider questions about organic gardening, methods and herbal medicinal plant uses. What worked for you and what didn't. Also bring a plant or seeds too exhange with others and bring your questions and knowledge as well as a bag lunch. Sit and talk, share and enjoy each other's company during this networking time with other herbalists and plants people.

Eve Von Deck, CH, WVMN, WVMG, WVHA President
Plant and Herb Identification Walk

Take a walk around the D&E Campus with Eve and identify medicinal, edible and other wild plants.


The Appalachian Chronicle
The Appalachian Chronicle is a periodical covering a broad range of topics. We have a preferential concern for the poor, vulnerable, marginalized and disenfranchised in Central and Southern Appalachia. As such, our reporting is focused on energy and the environment, covering the fossil fuel industry, sustainability, and grassroots movements within the region working to protect nature. We believe that the Arts are the universal language of peace. Music, art, theatre, sculpture, poetry and other creative expressions help to transcend our differences and expand our outlook, so the Arts, too, are an important part of our reporting and feature articles.

In the Nook Farm, Burnsville, WV
Hydrosols, dried lavender products (sachets, lavender wands), dried tea blends, crafts (garden signs, baskets, ornaments, other), plants and seeds.

Herbalists Without Boarders
Barbara Volk brings us herbal remedies, consultations, flute meditations and plant conversations, kids activities.

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