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Who We Are

For 30 years the West Virginia Herb Association has been serving as a gathering point for herb enthusiasts, small herbal businesses and local communities. To learn more click icon.

Events & Gatherings

Twice a year events in Spring and Fall are our primary way of connection. We also have occasional impromptu small meetings and may have on-line classes in the future. Click icon to see more.

Sharing Center

This section is a place for you to find local herbal & plant information. We encourage you to share your knowledge by submitting articles, recipes or herbal projects. Click icon to read more.

How to Join

It is easy and not expensive to join the WVHA. Your dues go to supporting outreach in our local herb and plant communities as well as other member benefits. Click icon to join us.

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  • Fall Newsletter

    Our 2021 Fall Newsletter has been published! Included is a recipe to make Elderflower (Sambucus) champagne. Also an article by one of our founders sharing her experience with Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis). This newsletter is free to everyone! Normally you need to be a member to receive the newsletter. See the Sharing page to download a pdf copy.
  • Upcoming Event

    WVHA Spring Gathering is set for April 2021. For more information see the Events page.
  • Our New Website

    As you can see, we do have a new website, but it is still in progress of sprouting and growing. Some things are not at full function, yet, including most forms. Please email us for now. Thank you and ejnoy!

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