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Things you can share

  • Articles related to our purposes
  • Approved video stream links
  • Photography for plant identification
  • Links to exceptional information
  • Anything else approved by WVHA
  • For business members: about your products and a link to your website


One of our primary goals is to share information related to our purposes...

If you enjoy writing or making videos and want to share those with others you may submit links or articles to us for review. We encourage you to submit articles p romoting the ethical and environmentally sound propagation, cultivation, harvest and medicinal or household/cooking use of herbs found in West Virginia. If accepted, we will notify you and post them in the categories on this page as well as announce the new submission on Facebook.

WVHA Newsletters


Fall 2021 Newsletter

An article from Marion Harless on the uses of Jewelweed, Barbara Volk provided a timely article on weeds and elderflower champagne making, and new member, Jennifer Geib, wrote an article on the 2021 herb of the year Parsley! A comeback after a year of rest and separation. READ...


Spring 2020 Newsletter

Articles by Jane Birdsong and the blackberry bush, learning from Barbara Volk on the use of native plants, exploring seeds while they hibernate with Kara Vaneck, Spring along the rail trails by Diana Catherine Druga and book reviews. READ...


Summer 2019 Newsletter

Article on learning about the different kinds of herbal drinks made with water by Kara Vaneck, introduction to a Green Man, Ed Daniels, by Laura Yokochi, and hemp ally by Barbara Volk plus book review. READ...