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For 30 years the West Virginia Herb Association has been serving as a gathering point for herb enthusiasts, small herbal businesses and local communities. To learn more click icon.

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Twice a year events in Spring and Fall are our primary way of connection. We also have occasional impromptu small meetings and may have on-line classes in the future. Click icon to see more.

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This section is a place for you to find local herbal & plant information. We encourage you to share your knowledge by submitting articles, recipes or herbal projects. Click icon to read more.

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It is easy and not expensive to join the WVHA. Your dues go to supporting outreach in our local herb and plant communities as well as other member benefits.
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  • Upcoming Event: Spring Gathering ~
    Gardening for Health

    WVHA Spring Gathering May 20, 2023, Elkins, WV


    WVHA Spring Gathering is May 20, 2023. We start our 31st year with the sad death of the founder of WVHA Marion Harless. She would never give herself credit, but she gathered women and men together in 1992 and they started the WVHA that has grown to over 900 members through the years. Our focus for this Spring Gathering is her favorite pastime: Gardening with Herbs and Medicinal Plants. She considered herself an "Herbarist" -- an older and now retired word -- one who grows and uses medicinal plants. The more adopted terminology is Herbalist, but an herbalist may or may not grow their own plants, and Herbarist always grows his or her own plants. In her memory let's revive this word: Herbarist!

    For more information and to see presenters for the Spring Gathering click here to go to the Events page.

    We are still accepting applications for vendors and volunteers and email us if you are interested:

  • Spring Newsletter

    The Spring newsletter will be released in the next couple of weeks! Please click to become a member and receive a copy!

  • Our Website

    Our website is still in progress of sprouting and growing. Some pages and links are not at full function, yet.

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Quotes & Inspirations

Herbalism is a religion of nature, representing a balance of head and heart.

wisdom from Michael Tierra, L.AC., O.M.D, founder of the American Herbalists Guild

Every home should have an herbalist.

quote from Dr. John Christopher, American herbalist and naturopath

The plants have enough wisdom to transform our limited vision.

wisdom from Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mountain Herbs & United Plant Savers

When in doubt, use nettles.

wisdom from David Hoffman, FNIMH, AHG, Traditional Medicinals